Our Direction

2019 was a year of both listening and action in which the USOPC focused on establishing a culture and plan—including taking significant actions to create a more athlete-centric approach to all that we do.

We changed the name of our organization to include Paralympics and better reflect all athletes we serve, and updated our mission statement to emphasize our focus on empowering and sustaining both the well-being and competitive excellence of Team USA athletes. We created core principles, which will guide us in our mission, and established core values to ground our organization in what we stand for and how we support Team USA. We made significant changes to our governance to give athletes greater representation and created a function in our organization to provide athletes with better support and services. And we developed a strategic plan, in collaboration with our community, to guide our decisions in the years to come.

All of these efforts were done while we invested time to connect with and hear recommendations from Team USA athletes and other key stakeholders, including important findings from two congressional inquiries and the independent Borders Commission and Ropes & Gray investigation reports. Through this process, we heard over 200 recommendations regarding ways to better support, serve and partner with athletes, focused around three key themes—creating an athletes-first culture, focusing on athlete well-being, and ensuring USOPC and partner accountability.

Our Journey Toward Excellence

The recommendations and feedback from within and outside of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic community have shaped the USOPC’s future, and also represents the first time a plan has been co-created by a diverse range of representatives within the movements.

This input informed the foundation of our new organization direction—our journey toward excellence. This journey will be one of continued progress, constant listening and ongoing collaboration. This foundation will guide our actions and decisions to ensure we hold ourselves, and also empower others to hold us, accountable as we seek to build an organization as exceptional as the athletes we serve.

Global Purpose

Join our global peers in building a better, more inclusive world through sport


Inspire and unite us through Olympic and Paralympic sport


— We updated our mission to reinforce our focus on serving the holistic needs of athletes, along with a set of core principles to guide our beliefs and actions.

Empower Team USA athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence and well-being.

Core Principles

Core Values

As we took more steps to create a stronger athletes-first culture, we conducted a thorough culture and climate assessment and defined a set of core values to drive our mindset and behaviors. These values are what we stand for and how we support the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic community, and each other.

Pursue Excellence

Lead Courageously

Serve Others

Foster Belonging

Our Strategic Plan

— This foundation informed the development of our five-year strategic plan, establishing a clear direction, and intended impact and progress through 2024.

Strategic Priorities

  • Athletes First: Transform the Team USA athlete experience so athletes can achieve their greatest potential, on and off the field of play.
  • Partner Success: Demonstrate continuous improvement and effectiveness of member sport organizations and affiliated partners to better prepare athletes for competition and secure a sustained talent pipeline.
  • USOPC Commitment to Excellence: Create a servant-leader culture with transparency, accountability and ongoing athlete voices to earn the trust and confidence of everyone.
  • Global Leadership on the Road to LA28: Engage the Olympic and Paralympic community to deliver greater opportunities for athletes and a lasting sport legacy that inspires the next generation.
Success Outcomes

  • Team USA Athletes are proud of their achievements, content with their Olympic and Paralympic experiences, and inspire us with their historic performances.
  • Partners are thriving organizations.
  • The USOPC is recognized as the leader in sport administration and celebrated for its transparency, efficiency and inclusiveness.
  • Paralympic awareness and representation are significantly increased.
  • The American Movement is well-positioned for a transformative Games in 2028.
  • The Team Behind the Team feels supported, fully engaged and has a strong sense of purpose and belonging.